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Dewatering & Drying Services

Posted in Pipeline Services

HORIZON Industrial provides Dewatering & Drying Services to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Dewatering & Drying is a method used to clear or clean the internal bore of pipelines. Typical applications include:

  • Product Batching and Separation
  • Process Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pipeline Drying
  • Proving
  • Swabbing to remove debris
  • Pipeline Cleaning and Clearing to maintain Pump Efficiency through consistent Flow Rates
  • Long Range Pigging
  • Progressive Pigging to remove hard scale and other debris
  • Pre-Cleaning for Pipeline Inspection Surveys

The Pigging Process utilises devices known as Pipeline Pigs which are produced in a wide range of materials and configurations to suit their intended purpose. Typical materials include Soft Foam (or Swabs), Medium and High Density Polyurethane Foam and solid Polyurethane type pigs also known as Mechanical or Mandrel Pigs which can be fitted with Cups, Discs, Scrapers, Wire Brushes, Magnets and other accessories.

Pigs can be propelled using the existing media in the pipeline i.e. Water, Oil, Gas, Paint, Food etc.. providing there is sufficient flow and pressure to propel the pig.

Pipeline Pigs can also be tracked as they traverse the pipeline using Magnets or Transmitters. These locating systems also provide the ability to locate a pig anywhere along the pipeline route, even if the pipeline is buried.

Industry users such as Water & Wastewater Utilities, Oil and Gas Producers, Pipeline Constructors, Miners, Chemical producers, Paint & Food producers trust the extensive proven field experience provided by HORIZON Industrialfor their Pipeline Pigging Services needs.