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    Simplex Strainer

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  • Fabricated Strainer

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    Pig Launcher

Pig Launchers & Pig Receivers

Pig Launchers & Receivers offer a safe and effective means of introducing and removing Pipeline Pigs from piping systems. Whether there is a requirement to Pig the line on a regular basis, a need to maintain peak operational efficiencies, the volatility of the media being transferred, considerations for operator safety, scheduled pipeline maintenance and/or inspection, or the type of Pigs being used, HORIZON Industrial can provide a solution.

Pig Launchers & Receivers are used across a number of industries including:

Agro-Business Production  Aquaculture Intake Pipelines  Aluminium Slurry Lines
Chemical Production  Desalination Plants  Fire Services Mains
Food Production   Gas Transmission Pipelines   Gas Process Pipelines
Lube Oil Production  Mining Slurry Pipelines  Onshore Oil Pipelines
Offshore Oil Pipelines  Pulp & Paper Production  Petrochemical
Paint Production  Seawater Pipelines  Sewerage Pipelines
Slurry Transfer Pipelines   Mains Water Pipelines  Wastewater Pipelines


Pig Launchers & Receivers can be designed to suit specific pressure/temperature and media requirements along with conformance to Australian and International Design Codes and Standards. A range of materials including Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Aluminium, PE, HDPE, GRP and others is available.

An important part of Pig Launcher & Receiver design is the access hatch, or more commonly referred to as the Quick Opening Closure. This component enables operators to access to the vessel for the purpose of inserting or removing Pipeline Pigs and is critical in terms of safety, operability and reliability. HORIZON is the Authorised Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Stark Solutions range of Quick Opening Closures. For more information please go to our Quick Opening Closures webpage.

Quick Opening closures Stark

Pig Signallers are also an integral component in Pigging Systems as they provide an effective method of determining a Pig’s location. There are a number of Pig Signaller configurations available such as: Manual Reset Visual Flag, Electric Proximity Switch, Valved, On-Line Removable units and other combinations. For more information please go to Pig Signallers.

Pig launchers & Receivers can also be manufactured to suit various Pipeline Pig types such as Intelligent Pigs, which may require special Pig Handling Equipment. For more information please go to Pig Handling Equipment.