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    Simplex Strainer

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  • Fabricated Strainer

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Pig Tracking & Pig Locating Equipment

Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment provides and effective method to track and/or locate Pipeline Pigs as they traverse pipelines.

Typical features and benefits include:

  • For use in Foam and Mechanical Pipeline Pigs
  • Portability
  • Ease of operation
  • Battery powered
  • Can Track & Locate Pipeline Pigs in above-ground or buried pipelines to within 1 metre
  • All equipment is pre-tested before dispatch
  • Complete equipment packages are available for Hire or Purchase
  • Various Transmitter sizes are available to suit all Pipeline Pigs
  • On site training is available

Typical applications:

  • Newly constructed pipelines
  • Cleaning & Clearing of existing pipelines
  • Regular pigging programs
  • Oil & Gas pipelines
  • Water, Wastewater & Sewerage pipelines
  • Desalination pipelines
  • Fire mains
  • Chemical pipelines
  • Slurry pipelines

HORIZON Industrial can provide advice on the selection of Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment to suit all applications.