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Pig Launcher & Receiver | Quick Opening Closures

Quick Opening Closures offer access to Pig Launchers & Receivers as a means of safely loading or unloading Pipeline Pigs. HORIZON Industrial is the Authorised Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the Stark Solutions range of Quick Opening Closures.

Typical Quick Opening Closure types include:

Quick Opening closures Stark

The selection criteria for Quick Opening Closures is usually based around a range of operating considerations such as:

  • Frequency of operation
  • Size of pipeline
  • Operational hazard levels
  • Operating Pressure &Temperature
  • Type of pigging operation i.e. process or inspection
  • Flow Media
  • Design Codes and Standards applicable
  • Level of operator Safety required
  • Ease of operation
  • Type of Pipeline Pigs being employed
  • Ongoing maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Location of Pig Launchers & Receivers

HORIZON Industrial provides advice on the selection of Quick Opening Closures to suit all applications. 

Pigging Systems

Automated Pigging Systems are designed for product recovery, batching and product separation applications in the lube oils, chemical, paint, food and process industry sectors

Closed Pigging Systems are designed and produced to suit low, medium and high pressure requirements. Materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and others are readily available.

Typical applications for Pigging Systems are:

  • Lube Oils
  • Chemicals
  • Food Production
  • Agricultural Products
  • Paint
  • High-Volume Multi-Product Production Plants

pigging closed system 004  pigging closed system 006  pigging closed system 007  pigging closed system 008

We design Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic Process Controlled Systems. Individual components include:

  • Pig Launcher/Receivers
  • In-Line Pig Stations
  • Piggable Tees
  • T-Ring Piggable Valves
  • Piggable Manifolds
  • Automatic Change-over Manifolds
  • Diverter Valves
  • Multi-Port Piggable Valves
  • Filling Stations
  • Loading/Unloading Locks
  • Pig Stops
  • Manual & Magnetic Pig Detectors
  • Sliding Couplings
  • Piggable Hose Systems
  • Process Controllers
  • Automated Control Valves

Design and manufacturing code compliance is a standard feature as is stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance in accordance with recognised audit standards and certifying authorities.

With over 30 years experience in the application, design and manufacture of Automated Pigging Systems and Closed Pigging Systems HORIZON Industrial offers high performance systems for customers across all industries.

pigging closed system 009  pigging closed system 011  pigging closed system 012

Pig Valves

Pig Valves offer distinct advantages over conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers. Typical features and benefits include:

  • More compact dimensions in comparison to conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Down time is minimized as there is no need to shut down the flow during Launching or Receiving of pigs
  • Emissions from Pig Valves are more than 80% less than the emissions from conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Maximum operator protection is afforded through inherent safety features and operating procedures
  • Minimal training of operations personnel is required due to the simplicity of operation
  • The number of pipeline system valves is reduced as Pig Valves can also be used as a double block and bleed valves
  • Major cost benefits are achieved by using Pig Valves as they are significantly less expensive to purchase and install than conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers.
  • Pressure/Vent arrangement ensures pressure is not trapped in the pig chamber
  • No special tools are required for servicing
  • Smooth through-bore with no shoulders or gaps to damage pigs or allow foreign particles to be lodged
  • By-Pass arrangement eliminates the possibility of line over-pressurisation from being shut during the pigging operation
  • Field convertible from Launcher to Receiver
  • High quality machined Pig Cage is incorporated into all Pig Valves
  • One piece body/flange design
  • ANSI 150lb through ANSI 1500lb pressure range
  • Top entry for easy access

HORIZON Industrial can provide advice on the selection of Pig Valves to suit your application.

Pig Signallers

Whether launching, receiving or traversing a pipeline, Pig Signallers provide positive indication of the movements of Pigs through pipelines. Inpipe Products Pig Signallers provide a trusted method for determining a Pig’s location.

Pig Signaller features: 

  • Can be used with Foam Pigs, Metal Bodied Pigs and Spheres
  • No commissioning spares are required
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to install 
  • Suitable for all types of pipelines
  • Omni-directional trigger
  • Welding boss can be positioned at any orientation
  • Indicator flag can be rotated in 90° increments
  • Available in over 70 variations including; boss, flange or valve mounted units
  • Available with either flag or electrical signaling and/or with mechanical counter
  • No moving seals
  • Wetted moving parts made from stainless steel
  • Designed to prevent ingress of dirt and liquids
  • Adapted for existing welding connections to replace worn or defective units
  • Sub-sea applications are available
  • Jacking devices available for removal of the pig signaller under pressure for our valves units

HORIZON Industrial can provide advice on the selection of Pig Signallers to suit all applications.

Pig Tracking & Pig Locating Equipment

Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment provides and effective method to track and/or locate Pipeline Pigs as they traverse pipelines.

Typical features and benefits include:

  • For use in Foam and Mechanical Pipeline Pigs
  • Portability
  • Ease of operation
  • Battery powered
  • Can Track & Locate Pipeline Pigs in above-ground or buried pipelines to within 1 metre
  • All equipment is pre-tested before dispatch
  • Complete equipment packages are available for Hire or Purchase
  • Various Transmitter sizes are available to suit all Pipeline Pigs
  • On site training is available

Typical applications:

  • Newly constructed pipelines
  • Cleaning & Clearing of existing pipelines
  • Regular pigging programs
  • Oil & Gas pipelines
  • Water, Wastewater & Sewerage pipelines
  • Desalination pipelines
  • Fire mains
  • Chemical pipelines
  • Slurry pipelines

HORIZON Industrial can provide advice on the selection of Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment to suit all applications.