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  • Fabricated Strainer

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Pig Valves

Pig Valves offer distinct advantages over conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers. Typical features and benefits include:

  • More compact dimensions in comparison to conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Down time is minimized as there is no need to shut down the flow during Launching or Receiving of pigs
  • Emissions from Pig Valves are more than 80% less than the emissions from conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers
  • Maximum operator protection is afforded through inherent safety features and operating procedures
  • Minimal training of operations personnel is required due to the simplicity of operation
  • The number of pipeline system valves is reduced as Pig Valves can also be used as a double block and bleed valves
  • Major cost benefits are achieved by using Pig Valves as they are significantly less expensive to purchase and install than conventional Pig Launchers & Receivers.
  • Pressure/Vent arrangement ensures pressure is not trapped in the pig chamber
  • No special tools are required for servicing
  • Smooth through-bore with no shoulders or gaps to damage pigs or allow foreign particles to be lodged
  • By-Pass arrangement eliminates the possibility of line over-pressurisation from being shut during the pigging operation
  • Field convertible from Launcher to Receiver
  • High quality machined Pig Cage is incorporated into all Pig Valves
  • One piece body/flange design
  • ANSI 150lb through ANSI 1500lb pressure range
  • Top entry for easy access

HORIZON Industrial can provide advice on the selection of Pig Valves to suit your application.