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  • Simplex Strainer

    Simplex Strainer

  • Pig Handling

    Pig Handling

  • Pipeline Pig

    Pipeline Pig

  • Strainer Bathtub

    Strainer Bathtub

  • Fabricated Strainer

    Fabricated Strainer

  • Pigging Services

    Pigging Services

  • Fabricated Strainer

    Fabricated Strainer

  • Pig Launcher

    Pig Launcher

Pipeline Services

HORIZON Industrial is a specialist Pipeline Services provider. We take pride in delivering support to all of our customers and our commitment to continually strive to build relationships. Underpinning this passion is our technical expertise and experience encompassed in the technical knowledge, application and attitudes of our people. Providing solutions that exceed our customers' expectations through a safe and productive workplace, is foremost in the standards we expect of ourselves.

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Pigging

HORIZON Industrial provides Pipeline Pigging Services nationally to a wide range of customers. Some of the industries serviced include: Oil, Gas, Mining, Water & Wastewater, Sewerage, Minerals and Metals Mining & Processing, Agribusiness, Fertilisers, Food & Beverage, Aluminium, Steel, Chemical, Paint and others. Our complete service packages include project evaluation, planning, OHS&E documentation, execution and post-project documentation.

Pipeline Cleaning

HORIZON Industrial's Pipeline Cleaning Services cover all new and existing pipelines

Dewatering and Drying

This highly specialised service of Dewatering and Drying of pipelines is provided specifically for new and existing High Pressure Gas Pipelines. HORIZON provides all necessary project management, equipment, OHS&E documentation and Test Certification documentation.

Pipeline Repair & Maintenance

Pipeline Repair & Maintenance Services including supply and fitting of Repair Clamps, Coating & Wrapping over corrosion, Corrosion Under Insulation protection and mitigation.

Project Management

HORIZON Industrial provides Project Management Services to evaluate, plan, implement and execute pipeline projects such as Pipeline Pigging, Dewatering & Drying and Cleaning Services include the submission and implementation of all relevant documentation to meet local and statutory requirements.