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Self Cleaning Strainers

Unlike conventional Strainers such as Y-Type Strainers, Simplex & Fabricated (T-Type Strainers and Duplex Strainers... Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainers provide an effective means of filtering liquids without the need to shut down the system flow or to clean the screen element manually.

Once the maximum pre-set pressure differential has been reached the strainer switches to the self-cleaning mode and the back-flush valve opens. At the same time a specially designed cleaning head rotates across the surface of the screen element to drain away the collected solids. Once the screen element is clean and the differential pressure has returned to the minimum level the unit switches back to normal filter mode. During the cleaning/back-flush mode approximately 5% of the continuous flow rate is used to drain away the collected solids.

Self-Cleaning Automatic Strainer Systems are designed and produced to suit low, medium and high pressure requirements and a range of filtration levels. Vessel and internal component materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and others are readily available, as are special internal linings such as rubber and epoxy coatings. Equipment packages can be supplied as skid-mounted or free standing and process control components such as valves, instrumentation and electrical are included as a standard feature.

Design and manufacturing code compliance is a standard feature as is stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance in accordance with recognised audit standards and certifying authorities.

We also supply the following Strainer configurations: