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  • Simplex Strainer

    Simplex Strainer

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    Pig Handling

  • Pipeline Pig

    Pipeline Pig

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    Strainer Bathtub

  • Fabricated Strainer

    Fabricated Strainer

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    Pigging Services

  • Fabricated Strainer

    Fabricated Strainer

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    Pig Launcher

Spare Strainer Baskets

Our expansive range of Simplex & Fabricated (T-Type) Strainers, Y-Type Strainers, Custom-Made & Packaged Strainer Systems, Duplex Strainers and Self-Cleaning Strainers is supported by a comprehensive list of Spare Parts including: Spare Strainer Baskets, Closure Gaskets & Seals, Internal Seals, Pressure Gauges, Valves and other stocked components.

In addition to supplying original spare parts for our own products we regularly supply Spare Baskets for strainers produced by other manufacturers.

We can also offer improved performance from your existing strainer, regardless of make or model, through innovative design & performance features such as: high flow capacity baskets, pleated baskets, baskets with rupture disc protection, high strength construction, improved dirt holding capacity baskets, multi-level filtration and other options.

We also supply the following Strainer configurations:

With more than 30 years of experience in providing effective filtration solutions for customers across all industries HORIZON Industrial personnel offer a complete service package.

Technical Information & Downloads

 Fabricated Strainer Catalogue | Horizon Industrial Fabricated Strainer Catalogue-IFC [PDF]

YOKE Strainer Basket Catalogue | Horizon Industrial YOKE Cover Strainer Basket Catalogue-IFC [PDF]