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Isolation Tools & Weld Testers

HORIZON Industrial is the authorised representative for Inpipe Products range of specialty pipeline products.

Isolation Tools

The Dual Tool is used when a new flange must be welded to existing pipe work which has been carrying Hydrocarbons, Gases and other volatile media. In this instance a safe working environment must be created before any ‘hot work’ can commence. The role of the Dual Tool is primarily to provide a safe working environment. As a secondary function the Dual Tool also provides isolation via a combination of inflatable tyres and water or, inert gas. Once the weld has cooled, the tool can be re-positioned and the central cavity used to hydrostatically test the new weld without the need to fill the entire pipe.

The Dual Tool was designed at the request of major refineries as a result of experiencing a numerous accidents. The Dual Tool is now specified by major refineries around the world.


  • Patented Posi-seal technology
  • Double isolation via two tyres
  • Certified to hold a differential pressure of 3 bar g
  • Central cavity can be used to hydrostatically test to 30 bar g (76.5 bar g on request)
  • Central by-pass facility to vent gasses
  • Tool provided with stainless steel braided hoses, gauge and isolation valve
  • 4” through 42”

Weld Testers

Inpipe Weld Testers are used to hydrotest the integrity of a weld. There are two primary weld tester designs; Flanged Weld Tester and Internal Weld Tester.

Typically supplied with a patented posi-seal, the weld testers can also be supplied with patented tyre type seals, ideal for testing when ovality and heavy pitting are encountered.


  • Patented Posi-seal technology
  • Vent and drain bleeder plug incorporated as a standard feature
  • End of hub accepts male or female test connection
  • Self-energising seals
  • Size range ½” – 48”
  • Standard pressure up to ANSI 900lb (available up ANSI 2500lb on request)
  • Independent hydraulically actuated models available
  • Horizontal or vertical applications