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Products & Equipment

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HORIZON Industrial supplies specialist Pipeline Products to a wide range of customers across all industries throughout Australia and Internationally. With the support of our local and overseas strategic partners, we provide high quality products and equipment packages designed and manufactured in accordance with all relevant codes and standards.

Pipeline Products

Quick Opening Closures | Pipeline Closures | Pressure Vessel Closures | Quick Action Closures

Threaded Closures, Clamp Ring Closures, Internal Door Closures

Strainers and Filters

Y-Type Strainers, Simplex Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Bathtub Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Bathtub Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Start Up & Commissioning Strainers, Self-Cleaning Strainers, Spare Strainer Baskets and Custom-Made Strainers

Pigging Equipment

Foam Pipeline Pigs, Mechanical Pipeline Pigs, Automated Pigging Systems, Pig Launchers & Receivers, Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers, Pig Trolleys and Pig Handling Equipment, Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment, Pig Valves and Pig Trap Closures

Repair Clamps

Low, medium and high pressure Repair Clamps in a wide range of materials and sizes. For use on Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas and most other pipelines

Pipeline Testing Equipment

HORIZON Industrial supplies Isolation Tools, Weld Testers, Pipe Plugs and Inflatable Bags for low, medium and high pressure pipeline applications. Liquids or Gas


Butterfly Valves - Lug and Flanges type, Check Valves. All available in a wide range of materials, pressure and temperature classifications

Other Products

FRP and GRP Grating, Flooring and Profiles